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Now at Abrams Dermatology: Telehealth

Posted on 13. Jun, 2016 by in Press Releases, Various

Telehealth:  Patients can now be treated by Dr. Abrams right from their home, secondary residence or even their vacation spot…

Abrams dermatology has recently acquired a new way to treat current patients who cannot come to the office.  It’s called Telehealth.  We have all been in that predicament, when you’re out of town and develop a rash, minor burns and bites or a bump and are concerned. Wouldn’t you want to have Dr. Abrams take a quick look to reassure you or send out a prescription for you to pick up in your area? Well, we can now do that with our modmed-Telehealthnew Modernizing Medicine Telehealth Application. The App can be downloaded right on your phone to allow you to send Dr. Abrams pictures and communicate with him.

Abrams Dermatology Telemedicine solution helps maintain the relationship and continuity of care with patients by allowing Dr. Abrams to provide treatment, diagnosis and advice for his patients when a virtual visit is appropriate. Abrams Dermatology Telemedicine solution is integrated within  it’s medical  software, and patient’s data – including photos patients send for examination – is captured and stored in the patient’s chart for future reference. Telemedicine helps provide flexible healthcare services to housebound patients or those that don’t have time for an office visit or live in a remote location, while enabling physicians to maintain their patient base.

This will not replace an in-office exam but will allow you to consult about a specific concern without having to take a day off work, or come back early from your vacations.   Specific concerns maybe a rash, a new spot, a minor burn, insect bite, the need for medications refill….ect.

This service is available for $85 ($75 visit and a $10 electronic fee) and payable by credit card.  To use this service, patient must be established with our practice. This is just another way for Abrams Dermatology to serve its valued patients.

To sign up for this service you must be a patient at Abrams Dermatology.

If you are currently a patient and are interested in using Telehealth, you can start using this service today!

It’s a very easy process. All you have to do is download Modernizing Medicine Telehealth app and login in to your patient portal. Please give us a call and we will be glad to walk you through.


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