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Help For Aging Hands

Posted on 02. Oct, 2015 by in Esthetics, Fillers, Patients Before & After, Radiesse

Rejuvenation treatments and procedures are in demand now more than ever. As the population ages the demand will only continue to rise. Skin care, laser treatments and injectables are all ways people enhance and improve their appearance. Most people concentrate on what is most visible – their face.

But now there is interest in treating another visible body part – hands. The hands can sometimes be more reveling than the face in telling ones age. The hands are constantly exposed to the elements and photo damage presents resulting in brown spots, a loss of elasticity and fullness.

While lasers will address and correct the brown spots nicely, there was nothing FDA approved that would provide rejuvenation of the hands. Until now. Recently Radiesse Volumizing Filler from Merz Aesthetics was approved for use as an injectable under the skin on the back of the hands to add volume. Radiesse Volumizing Filler is a calcium based gel filler that will immediately correct volume loss but will also stimulate the production of your own natural collagen. This results in a long lasting, natural result. The side effects of doing the injections are the normal reactions you can experience from injectables. Possible redness, swelling and bruising. When the hands are injected you do experience a swelling that lasts a few days.

Abrams Dermatology offers complimentary aesthetic consults where you are able to discuss all your skin care concerns and to determine what treatments and procedures are best suited to your personal needs.

4 Days after injection

4 Days after injection

Hands of 52 yr old woman

Hands of 52 yr old woman

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