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Is there help for Stretch Marks?

Posted on 25. Sep, 2015 by in Cosmetic Treatments, Microneedling, Patients Before & After, Stretch Marks, Stretch Marks - Sally W

Sally is a 35 Year Old who had 2 pregnancy 10 years ago

Sally is a 35 Year Old who had 2 pregnancy 10 years ago

Stretch marks can happen to anyone at anytime.  Stretch marks are scar like bands of skin that has been stretched beyond its natural capacity. This can happen in pregnancy or at times when growth is accelerated when working the muscles out and of course when we become overweight.  Over time stretch marks will recede and look smoother in appearance with the help of oils and creams but that correction is minimal.

Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)  is a procedure that has shown to help in the correction of stretch marks both old and new.  With that being said, more results will be seen with newer stretch marks.

CIT uses a mechanical tool that has several tiny, sterile, disposable needles used to create tiny wounds in the skin.  By creating these tiny wounds you are forcing your body to go into a “repair” mode to repair the wounds.  When this happens your body produces collagen which plumps up and replenishes the structure of the skin.

The procedure is virtually free of down time and pain.  Down time is the time you would need to recover from any invasive type of procedure.  You will go home with a pink or red appearance and remain that way for 2-3 days.  No peeling, shedding or swelling.  It is very much like a mild sunburn in appearance.  The procedure feels like your skin is being scratched instead of punctured.  A mild topical numbing cream is used prior to the procedure for about 15-20 minutes.  After the procedure the time is critical for the addition of skin care products.  Because the wounds are open the products we apply will penetrate deep into the dermis where they can benefit you the most.  Growth factor serums are preferred as they help stimulate the growth of new cells and promote the stimulation of collagen.

Any time treatments or procedures that promote collagen  are being performed you will need to do a minimum series of three.  It typically takes three full skin cycles – 6-8 weeks – before you see the collagen being produced.  With stretch marks, additional treatments (4-6) may be needed. You can do these procedures 4-6 weeks apart.

Sally is a 35 Year Old who had 2 pregnancy 10 years ago

Sally is a 35 Year Old who had 2 pregnancy 10 years ago


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