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The Single best way to treat “Brown Spots”

Posted on 11. Aug, 2015 by in Cosmetic Treatments, Lentigo, Sun Spots

The answer is that there is NO “single best way”.  One and done is not logical in dermatology.  The brown spots, or liver spots; formal name Lentigo or Lentigines forms over time.  Our skin being our largest organ has a defense against damage. Melanin is our skins natural sun defense and Melanogenesis is the process by which these browns form. It is a matter of years before the first signs of damage occur.  In order to “get rid of or minimize” the spots multiple treatment modalities maybe involved this will always include maintenance. IPL, E-matrix, V-beams, VI Peels, Peels and the Obagi Line are all treatments we offer to reduce or remove those brown spots as well as other medical procedures. It is important to always consult a specialist as treatments varies based on skin type and using the wrong treatment can worsen the symptoms.

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Brown spots on Back or Chest

Brown spots on Back or Chest

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