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Get a “head of Lice!”

Posted on 16. Apr, 2015 by in Various

Man looks nits at the schoolboyThese flat wingless insects take up residence in hair, there are three species of these pesky little creatures.  They can be found on our scalp, body and even in our private areas!   They are highly contagious with direct contact with an infected person.  They do not live on NON-living things or animals.

Lice feed frequently, about every 3-6 hours. Lice live about a month and the female can lay up to 10 eggs a day. These white eggs will adhere to the hair shaft  about  1cm from the scalp. Typical symptoms are mild itching at the base of the neck.  Infestation is common among Caucasian but rare among African American’s.

Head lice are most common in young children who are in school as they frequently play together with more hair-to-hair contact, they may share hats, head phones and hair accessories.

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