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The search for the Fountain of Youth is over!

Posted on 18. May, 2012 by in Cosmetic Treatments, Esthetics, Skin Care, Skin Care Lines

The search for the Fountain of Youth is over!   Rejuvenate your complexion with Shinso   – the all natural skin care line from Japan…

Shinso Anti Aging Glow, Essence and Mist

In Japanese, Shinso means “deeper layer” Shinso Skin Care can rejuvenate even the deepest layers of your skin by utilizing some of nature’s most precious ingredients. These ingredients are found in deep sea water. Shinso Skin Care also use rare Japanese herbs and botanical extracts.

Your skin will become more radiant, lifted and youthful while reducing the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone, rough texture and sagging skin.

 Shinso skin care line is composed of only three products; Shinso Glow, Shinso Mist and Shinso Essence. Shinso uses natural Japanese botanicals and herbs to repair and protect the inner and outer layers of the skin including grapefruit peel, olive leaf extract and wild rose extract.  Shinso also contains three of nature’s highest anti-aging driven ingredients – SOD, Fullerenes and Human Oligopeptide-1.

This is where beauty meets science!  SOD is a naturally occurring enzyme that fights the free radical damage while producing healthy fibroblasts (healthy cells).  Fullerenes are Nobel prize winning molecules that detoxifies your skin while encouraging plumper, younger cells.  It is 125 times more effective that Vitamin C in protecting our skin from harmful free radicals!!  Human Oligopeptide -1  more commonly known as epidermal growth factor – EGF, is a protein molecule that accelerates skin cell turnover. 

Seeing is believing!  From the very first time I used the anti-oxidant serum I was thrilled.  The doctor applied the serum to one half of my face.  The side that was not treated looked as if I had a stroke! The side that had the serum was smooth, lifted and plumped up – especially in the apples of my cheeks.  The “nano-technology” of the product gets into the dermis of the skin and expands – giving us that plumper,  younger looking skin…

Stop by for a complimentary Shinso consult with me and be amazed by the results you will see instantly with just one application of the product…

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