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Skin cancer ranked #1 in the US!

Posted on 27. Jul, 2011 by in Melanoma, Skin Cancer

Signs of skin cancer


Skin cancer has now been ranked the #1 cancer in the United States!   It is on the rise around the world as well.  Protect yourself, your children and grandchildren.  It is never too late.

It is important to see your dermatologist once to twice a year.  Early detection means early treatment which means early cure!

So what can we do for ourselves?
It has been recommended to perform monthly skin assessments. It takes less than 5 minutes. Really! Ladies make it a part of your monthly breast exam!

What to do?

Skin cancer can occur anywhere on the skin

1.     Look in a mirror at your front, both sides and back.
2.     Bend your elbows and examine your forearms, upper arms and palms.
3.     Use a hand held mirror and look at the backs of your legs, feet and between your toes, include the soles of your feet.
4.     Use that same hand held mirror and look at the back of your neck and scalp.  Part your hair in sections and look at scalp.  (This is when having the same hair stylist is beneficial as they can keep an eye out as well!)
5.     Last, BUTT no least, use the hand held mirror and look at your buttocks. 

The A B C D E of Skin Cancer

Be aware of Skin Cancer

Follow your Alphabet A-E.
A)   Asymmetry- One side doesn’t match the other half.
B)   Border- the edges of the lesion are notched or jagged.
C)   Color- various colors and shades. Tan, brown and black.
D)   Diameter- any lesion that is greater than 6mm
E)   Evolving- any change in shape, color, size, itches, or bleeds

Still not sure? Make an appointment; we can help you out.  We also offer free skin cancer screenings at various locations in the Sarasota, Manatee and Venice areas. We will provide you with a handout that will walk you through the steps. Call 941-926-2300 to find out where Abrams Dermatology next Free Skin Cancer screening is located.

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2 Responses to “Skin cancer ranked #1 in the US!”

  1. Diane

    28. Jul, 2011

    Scary. I think I’ll go put some sunscreen on.

  2. A. E.

    27. Sep, 2011

    Thanks for the article. I personally know several people who currently are being treated for skin cancer.

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