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Varicose or Spider Veins?

Posted on 13. Apr, 2011 by in Cosmetic Treatments, Lasers, Sclerotherapy, Skin Conditions

Varicose or Spider Veins?

Varicose veins can be found anywhere typically; people are bothered by those that occur in the legs. The fact is varicose veins can occur anywhere. The larger superficial veins in the legs are referred to as varicose veins. They are firm and ropelike to the touch. Varicosities are felt to occur due to a number of reasons such as pregnancy, obesity, congenital reasons and excessive standing. The vein becomes enlarged due to increased pressure. This causes the valves within the vein to become weak.  The valves do not close tightly, which allows for blood to flow back and pool within the vessels causing a varicosity.

Spider veins are smaller superficial veins, which may or may not be palpable. They are short, thin veins that also have be caused by excessive pressure within the vein.  Spider veins can be found on anywhere as well.  When on the face we call them Telangiectasias.
There are many treatment options to help eliminate these veins.  Though some need surgical intervention, many can be handled with sclerotherapy, laser therapy or both.

Dr. Abrams specializes in sclerotherapy for the treatment of varicose and spider veins on the legs. For facial veins or Telangiectasias, we recommend the Vbeam treatment which is the latest technology in the treatment of facial veins.

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