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Acne – The other treatment option…

Posted on 19. Jan, 2011 by in Acne, Photodynamic Therapy, Skin Conditions

Acne – The other treatment option…

PDT also known as photodynamic therapy is a great option for those Acne patients who either cannot or do not want systemic therapy, by this I mean antibiotics or Accutane.

The Photodynamic acne treatment works well for those who suffer from moderate acne, teenagers and adults with resistant and hard to treat acne or people who suffer from cystic acne with regular breakouts ; it is a non-drug treatment.. The PDT treatment is also used to diminish older acne scars, discoloration and blemishes for a smoother and younger looking skin.

The PDT  treatment begins by painting the face of the patient with a solution of Aminolevulinic Acid (ALA). ALA is a “natural” product found in all humans throughout the body. It is a precursor for hemoglobin synthesis. This ALA solution must soak into the skin for 1/2 hour to 1 hour. After this time, the patient is placed in a sitting position under a blue ultraviolet light for 16 minutes. The light activates the ALA which then targets the sebaceous gland where the bacteria of acne (p. acne) live, thus killing the bacteria that cause acne. 

The results vary and patients may require more than one treatment. This treatment is a great adjunct to a patient’s current therapy or as a therapy of its own.  Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is less invasive and is a cost-effective treatment.


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  1. Wow… That changes were extremely significant… This PDT is Superb…

  2. Name (required)

    30. Apr, 2011

    Yes the results are superb! We offer this option to all those suffering from Acne. Our local TV station recently did a story on this treatment featuring Dr. Abrams and a patient of ours.

  3. Karmen

    10. Jan, 2012

    How do i know if this is done in my area?

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