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Does Tattoo Removal Really Work

Does Tattoo Removal Really Work

Posted on 08. Sep, 2010 by in Lasers, Skin Care, Skin Conditions, Various

Well, yes and no.

It depends on the color of the tattoo, how long it’s been there, and if it’s an amateur or professionally acquired tattoo.  Usually the professional tattoo is more difficult to remove because the ink is deeper than the amateur ones.

The Quality-switched (QS) lasers are widely considered the gold standard of tattoo removal.  These lasers are relatively safe may take many sessions, and sometimes will leave undesired discoloration at the treatment site.

There are three flavors of the QS laser; neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet QS Nd:YAG), the Alexandrite (QS Alex) and the ruby laser (QSRL).  All three work well, however,  each has its own ability to treat specific colors better than others.  Each one has its own benefits and side effect profile.

Don’t think laser tattoo removal will leave your tattoo removed without any signs of tattoo remnant.  Many times the treated area will have a permanent lightening, darkening, redness or residual ink.  So beware – even with the best tattoo removal laser you may be able to see a remnant.

So, if you want to remove your tattoo of  “Jim” – because your new partner is “Jeff” – “Jim” may not be completely gone from your life!

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