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Cell Phones Can Cause a Rash

Cell Phones Can Cause a Rash

Posted on 17. Dec, 2009 by in Acne, Rashes, Skin Care, Skin Conditions, Sunburn, Sunscreen

Could your cell phone be causing that facial skin rash? The answer may be yes– and the culprit may be the nickel content in the fashionable design of many cell phones.

Nickel is a familiar allergen that afflicts anywhere from 17% to 33% of the population with a red itchy rash doctors call Contact Dermatitis.

People with a nickel allergy may take steps to avoid skin contact with products that contain nickel, which is found in some jewelry.

But whether you know you have an allergy to nickel or not, you may not suspect the design on the front of your cell phone. Studies have shown many cell phones use nickel for their metallic highlights such as the brand logos, decorative accents, and even the buttons on the front of the phone.

As a result there has been an increase in the prevalence of facial skin rashes associated with these cell phones.

One sign that your rash may be associated with your cell phone is the red, itchy rash only affects the side of your face where you usually hold the cell phone or your ear. This type of one-sided rash is what your doctor will call a “unilateral rash.”

The best treatment is to avoid skin contact with the irritant by removing the offending nickel decoration on the phone if possible or replacing the phone with a new nickel-free phone.

It should be mentioned a range of skin irritants could cause Contact Dermatitis. And, if the symptoms of any rash are extreme you should visit your dermatologist.

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3 Responses to “Cell Phones Can Cause a Rash”

  1. Gerrid

    25. Jan, 2010

    I had no clue that nickel in the cell phones could cause a rash. Do iPhones have nickel on or in them?


  2. Mary

    02. Mar, 2010

    What is the treatment for this cell phone rash.

  3. skin laser sydney

    31. Mar, 2011

    This is really an interesting post, I think that not many people realize this but it does happen. Thanks for sharing.

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