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Look Out Botox – There is a New Tox in Town

Posted on 19. May, 2009 by in Botox, Cosmetic Treatments, Fillers

Yes, there is a new Botox on the Market!

Reloxin gives Botox a run for the money
Reloxin gives Botox a run for the money

  The FDA is reviewing data for Reloxin the “new Botox” and the data is really exciting! This is the first new product that will compete with Botox. Thus far all of the studies demonstrate that Reloxin (also known as Dysport) is safe and effective and for some reason works better in women compared to men. Patients who had both medications report that Reloxin works quicker that Botox. Patients claim that Botox has a more gradual onset of action where Reloxin onset is abrupt and kicks in fast. Botox is a larger molecule than Reloxin, and since bigger things move more slowly in muscle will this difference matter? Will the smaller molecule Reloxin diffuse and spread giving patients a wider treated area? Which one is better or are they the same? Only time will tell, but I think Reloxin will give Botox a run for their money.

Learn more about Botox.

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