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What Should I do if I get Sunburned?

Posted on 24. Apr, 2009 by in Sunburn

What should I do with a sunburn?

Practicing dermatology in Florida allows me to see a lot of patients with some really bad sunburns. I always remind these patients  not to get a sunburn in the first place! Wear an effective sunscreen and be sure to re-apply as necessary.

But in cases where a patient is already sunburned, I give them these simple tips:

  • Apply cool compresses (ice packs or cool water).  This will relieve the burning sensation caused by a sunburn.
  • Apply an aloe based gel.   Aloe based gels will not only soothe the skin, but will also cool it down and provide moisture as well.
  • Taking an aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (like ibuprofen) to help minimize discomfort.  Be sure to know if there are no health risks or allergies known to the patient before giving them any medication.
  • Always seek medical attention as soon as possible if there are blisters, or the patient feels physically ill.

The best advice I can give a patient is not to get sunburn in the first place.   It  can be very painful and is linked to the development of a potentially lethal form of skin cancer.

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  1. pamela

    04. Apr, 2012

    that is a bad sun burn 🙁

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